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Old Rose Press

From the soil to the stars. 

Old Rose Press is a collaborative, artist-run line from Nicole Rallis and Peter Henry Reed meant to spark the imagination, evoke hope and bloom within the mystery and magic of the universe.

ad orbita botanical planets tarot card deck

About the Artists

Nicole Rallis is an illustrator, gardener and designer. She is the artist behind Leila + Olive, a well-known collection of botanical talismans. Since 2015, Rallis has devoted her enchantment with the union between nature and mystical transformation into building botanical-inspired works, including three renowned tools for divination: the Pythia Botanica Oracle, the Ophidia Rosa Tarot, and the Maiden Oracle

Peter Henry Reed is an artist, musician and writer whose work has explored many creative areas, from the laments of a lonely bat in his band, The Batflowers, to the wonders of space in the Ad Orbita Tarot. He has worked within a variety of independent music, journalism, and writing publishing projects for the past fifteen years.